Maria de Lima


Macy Dott at Scawfell Street

47_1st instalment_01 print     Over the next 3 months I will be taking over a set of shelves at Scawfell Street, Andor Gallery’s sister space. The shelves will house research towards the first 2 installments of an ongoing series of publications centred on the fictional character of Macy Dott. Publication launch will happen in June, date yet to be confirmed.


Josef Albers at RCA Colour Reference Library

maria de lima_artist_colour reference library_01maria de lima_artist_colour reference library_02

14_p_video, dolphins13_p_video, yellow, arms18_p_yellow, arms painting_close up16_p_video_close up17_p_dolphins_frontal20_p_red dolphin re-edit_small2

Art (After) – Andor Gallery

Collaboration with Charlie Godet Thomas presenting joint collection of zines.

09_IMG_7985 (Small)10_IMG_7927_ed (Small)


01_studio may08_p_colour scale06_p_drawing_01




My contribution to the 1st issue of BLU, curated by Charlie Godet Thomas.


02_aeroplane,sunsetgradient03_cancellation0104_sky-aeroplane in setup

Cloak (gradient)

fail_01C-type print

16_savanna gradient, equipment

11_poolreflection, fade09_mark, details02